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Difference Between High-Level Language and Machine Level Language

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Difference Between High-Level Language and Machine Level Language

Hey Readers, Thanks for coming on my blog. Recently I shared some of the related articles about high level language and low level language so after look over my blog articles i thought one more article should be upload which is “Difference between High level language and Machine level language”. Now let’s get started without wasting your time.

  1. Programming in Machine Language is difficult and time consuming whereas it is easier and faster to write programs in High Level Language.
  2. The Machine Languages are machine oriented. The programmer must have the detailed knowledge of the structure of the Computer he is using. He must have the knowledge of registers and instruction set of the Computer, connections of ports to the peripherals etc. whereas High Level Languages are easier to learn.
  3. The program written in Machine Language for one Computer can not be used on any other Computer, i.e. these programs are not portable. Each processor has its own instruction set and hence its own machine language, whereas High Level Language programs are portable, i.e. they will run on any Computer which has a similar compiler. Also High Level Language programmer does not have limitations to use a single type of machine.
  4. One statement of a High Level Language corresponds to many instructions of the Machine Level program. Hence a High Level program is much shorter as compared to Machine Language program.
  5. High Level program provide better documentation as compared to Machine Level programs.

How Machine Level language is different from High level language

The Computer can understand only machine language. This is combination of 0’s and 1’s. Instructions are written using sequences of 0’s and 1’s. First generation Computers used program written in machine language. The lack of portability of programs written using machine language between different Computers led to the development of high level languages. The high-level program is called Source Code whereas equivalent machine language program is referred to as the Object Code. Machine Level programs are very cumbersome and tedious, whereas high level programs are easy to learn and portable. High level language programs are easier to maintain. But slow program execution is the main disadvantage of high level language program, since programs need to be converted into machine language before they can be executed.

Programming in machine language can be very tedious and highly prone to errors.

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