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Difference Between Microcomputer and Minicomputer

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Difference Between Microcomputer and Minicomputer

Hey Readers, Welcome to my blog. Today I will tell you all about Microcomputer and Minicomputer in Detail. It will not take so long to understand the difference between Microcomputer and Minicomputer.


A Microcomputer is a computer on a small scale and usually known as personal computer or PC , a computer designed for an individual. A microcomputer contains a microprocessor (a central processing unit on a microchip ), memory in the form of read-only memory and random access memory , I/O ports and a bus or system of interconnecting wires, housed in a unit which is generally called a motherboard.


A Minicomputer is a computer of a size coming between a microcomputer and a mainframe. Consistently, minicomputers have been stand-alone computers (computer systems with attached terminals and other devices) sold to small and mid-size businesses for general business applications and to large companies for department-level operations. In recent years, the minicomputer has expand into the “mid-range server” and is part of a network.


Micro Computers

Mini Computers

1. Micro Computers, Personal Computers (PCs), are small, lightweight, and portable. 1. Mini Computers were much smaller and much less expensive than Mainframe.
2. Microcomputers are more powerful than the mini computers. 2. Mini computers were less powerful than Micro Computers.
3. Micro computers are high speed multi-user, multitasking units. 3. Mini computers generally performed one task at a time and served one user at a time.
4. Micro computers or PCs has larger word sizes. 4. Mini computers were typified by small word sizes such as 8 or 16 bits.
5. Micro computers are used for word processing, database management, spreadsheets, graphics and other general office applications. 5. Some examples of mini computers are the minis used as interface computers with communications or radar systems.

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