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Different types of Constants available in C Programming

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Different types of constants available in C Programming

Constant in C  Programming are classified into four categories namely Integer constant, real constant, character constant and string constants.

1. Integer Constant:

Integer constant reference to the sequence of the digit. It must not have any character except digit, however, an integer constant may be preceded by ‘+’ or ’-’.

Example: 153, -876, 3543, 0, 2, -998, +118 are the valid integer constant.

11,435, $ 4000, Rs 5000, 7500 /- are invalid constant.

2. Real Constant:

A real constant in the C is numeric constant with a sign of decimal point or exponent or a combination. Following is an example showing the list of invalid and valid real constant.

Example: 34.789.0.0001.9.0, 3e-9, +247.0,4e-3,2.58e+3, 315 are the valid real constant.

2,2,000. 00,.34e+12.67 are invalid real constants.

3. Character Constant :

A character constant is any symbol or value that is the part of valid character set. A valid character constant must be enclosed within the single quotes.

Example: Char c ;    /* define the character c */

c = ‘B’ ;    /* assigns character ‘B’ to the variable c of character type. */

4. String Constant:

A string constant is the sequence of the one or more characters from the defined character set i.e. Following are the example of valid string constants.

"Fine”, “227863”, “@#$%&*”, “b” are the valid string constants.

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