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Discuss Why C is called as structured programming language?

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Discuss Why C is called as structured programming language?

C programming language follows the technique of structured programming for developing its programs. The basic idea behind this technique is that any part of the program can be represented by elements from three basic logic structures. Each structure has a single entry and single exit.

The Three Basic logic structures are:

  1. Simple Sequence Structure: It is a linear structure in which instructions or statements are executed consecutively in a sequence.
  2. Conditional Structure: In this structure, a condition is tested. The condition is followed by two alternative program control paths. The selection of the path depends on the result of the test. It is also called IF-THEN-ELSE structure. I f the condition is satisfied, If the structure is executed If the condition is not satisfied then ELSE structure Is executed.
  3. Loop structure: In this structure, the program is executed once or more, while the condition is true. When the condition becomes false, the looping process ends.

Important Features of ‘C’ Language are:

  1. Compiled Language:  It was developed as a compiled language so that C language programs could be easily ported to other computers equipped with a C compiler.
  2. Pointer Operation: It supports pointers with pointer operation. This feature allows the programmer to directly access the memory addresses where variables are stored, and to perform bit-level manipulation of data stored in memory or processor registers.
  3. Greater Flexibility: It supports user-defined data types for greater flexibility in programming.
  4. Concept: It supports modular and structured programming concepts.
  5. Rich Library: It also supports a rich library of functions, which can be directly used by programmer for efficient coding of their applications.
  6. Machine Language: It is small and concise language providing only the bare essential features, so that a ‘C’ language program can be translated by a language translator into an efficient machine language code.