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Explain Different Types of Printers

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Explain Different Types of Printers

Hey Readers, Thanks for coming on my website. Here you will find all kind of articles of Technical Help related to Computer Fundamentals, Programming help like C Language, Php and etc. So today I am here with a new article of Computer Fundamentals which is “Explain Different Types of Printers”.  In this article, I will tell you that How many Types of Printers are there and How they work and what are the features of Printers. So without wasting your Time Lets Get Started.

Printer :

Printers are the most commonly used output devices that can be found in almost all computer centers. They are the primary output devices used to prepare permanent documents in human-readable form (hard copy). Depending on their speed and approach of printing, printers are classified as characters printers, line printers, and page printer. In addition, there is another classification according to which printers are of two types – impact and non-impact.

Impact Printers :

It uses a hammer to hit the ribbon or paper to form the characters or images and mechanism resembles those of typewriter. Example Dot Matrix, Daisy Wheel.

1. Daisy Wheel Printer:

These printers use a printwheel font known as a daisy wheel. These printers have print heads composed of metallic or plastic wheels. A raised character is placed on the tip of each of the daisy character is placed on the tip of each of the daisy wheel ‘petals’. Each petal has an appearance of a letter (uppercase and lowercase) number or punctuation mark on it. To print, the print wheel is rotated around until the desired character is under the print hammer. The petal is then struck from behind by the print hammer, which strikes the character pushing it against the ink ribbon and onto the paper, creating the character.

Daisy wheel printers produce high-resolution output and are more reliable. They can have speed up to 90 cps. These printers are also called as smart printers because of its bi-directional printing and built- in-microprocessor control features. However, daisy wheel printers give only alphanumeric output. Daisy wheel printers are slower and more expensive than dot matrix printers.

2. Dot Matrix Printer:

Dot matrix printers also known as the wire-matrix printer is the oldest printing technology and its prints one character at a time.These printers print each character as a pattern of dots. The print head comprises a matrix of tiny needles, typically seven rows with nine needles in each, which hammers out characters in the form of a pattern of tiny dots. Usually, dot matrix printers can print shape of the character, which a user can specify. The speed of dot matrix printers are measured in characters per second (cps).

The speed can vary from about 200 to over 500 cps. Dot matrix printers are inexpensive and have low operating costs. These printers are able to use different types of fonts, different line densities, and different types of paper. The major limitation of dot matrix printer is that it prints only is black and white.

Features of Dot Matrix Printer :

  1. The print quality of a dot-matrix printer is inferior to that of a daisy wheel printer.
  2. DMP is faster than letter quality printer. For example, daisy wheel.
  3. Dot matrix printer does not have a fixed character font.

Non Impact Printers :

They do not hit or impact a ribbon to print. They use thermal, electrostatic and inkjet technologies. For example Inkjet, laser printer.

1. Inkjet Printer:

These are non-impact character printer based on relatively new technology. An inkjet printer is a printer that places extremely small droplets of ink onto paper to create an image. Being a non-impact printer, it does not touch the paper while creating an image. Instead, it uses a series of nozzles to spray drops of ink directly onto the paper. Inkjets were originally manufactured to print in monochrome (black and white) only. However, the print head has now been expanded and the nozzles increase to accommodate Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y), and Black (K). This combination of colors is called CMYK.

These printers produce high-quality graphics and text printouts. These printers can print about 6 pages a minute and can be programmed to print symbols such as Japanese or Chinese characters.

Features of Inkjet Printer:

  • Inkjet printer produces high-quality output because of the characters are formed by a dozen of tiny ink dots.
  • They are quiet and can form any kind of character.

2. Laser Printer:

A laser printer provides the highest quality text and images for personal computers today. It is a very fast printer that uses the same technology as a photocopier using heat to transfer toner. In it laser beams are used to create the image of the document on a drum coated with the photoelectric material when the paper comes in contact with the drum, a permanent image is printed on paper with the help of ink. Most laser printers are monochrome.

Laser printers are also known as page printers because they process and store the entire page before they actually print it. They produce sharp crisp images of both text and graphics, providing resolutions from 300 to 1200 dpi. They are quiet and fast, able to print 4-32 text only page per minute for individual microcomputers. These printers are useful for volume printing because of their speed.

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