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Explain Mouse and Its working in Detail

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Mouse and Its working in Detail

Explain Mouse and Its working in Detail | AllinonetutsMouse:

A mouse is an important input device. The mouse is a palm-sized device with a ball built into the bottom. The mouse may be mechanical or optical and comes in many shapes and sizes. When we move the mouse over a smooth surface, the balls rolls and the pointer on the display screen moves in the same direction.

It is used to move the cursor, draw sketches or diagrams, selecting a text or object or menu item etc. With the mouse, we can draw, select options from a menu and modify or move text. We can give commands by pointing with the pointer and clicking a mouse button. In addition to minimizing typing errors, a mouse makes operating a microcomputer easier for beginning users.

Working of the Mouse :

Principally, the mouse works by measuring how much it moves in a given direction. A mechanical mouse has a rubber ball at the bottom. When the user moves the mouse, the balls roll along the surface of the mouse pad, and the mouse keeps track of how far the ball rolls. Inside the bottoms of the mouse are three rollers – one of them, the one mounted at 45° angle to the other two is springloaded.

This roller is usually the smallest of the three. The other two rollers are usually larger and of a different color. These rollers are mounted at a 90° angle to one another, one roller measures how fast the ball is turning horizontally and the other measures how fast it is turning vertically.

When the ball rolls, it turns these two rollers. The rollers are connected to axles, and the axles are connected to a small sensor that measures how fast the axle is turning. Both sets of information are passed to the electronics inside the mouse. This little processor, usually consisting of little more than a single chip, uses the information to determine how fast the mouse itself is moving and in what direction. This information is passed to the computer via a mouse cord, where the operating system then moves the pointer accordingly.

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