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Explain Scanner and Its working in Detail

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Scanner and Its working in Detail

Welcome Friends, Today I have one more interesting article about scanner ” Explain Scanner and Its Working in Detail “. In this article you will know about scanner which is very useful in our daily lifestyle as you know very well that before this new technology we had to send the documents by post or other methods but now its very much easier than before now we just need to scan the document and simple send it by Email or any other Messaging method using attachment feature. Now you are almost aware about what we are going to explain and discuss with you, so lets get started without wasting your time.

Scanner :

Scanner is widely used in Desktop Publishing (DTP) applications. It is used for digitizing images such as photograph, forms, documents etc into the computer. Some of the scanners also read text by converting the typed pages into word processing files. Graphics scanners convert a printed image into video image without converting it to digital code.

Working of Scanner :

When the hand-held scanner’s scan button is pressed, a light emitting diode illuminates the document underneath it. An inverted angled mirror directly over the scanner’s window reflects the image onto the scanner’s lens which is located at the backs of the scanner. The lens focuses a single line of the image onto a charged coupled device (CCD) which contains a row of light detectors.

As the light shines through these detectors, each of them records the amount of light as a voltage that corresponds to white, black and grey to a color. These voltages are sent to a specialized analog chip which corrects any color detection error. After that a single line image is passed to analog to digital counter (ADC) which converts the analog signals into binary forms that can be sent to the computer. In this way, the converter clears itself of the data so that it can receive the next line of the image.

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