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Explain Touch Screen and Its working in Detail

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Touch Screen and Its working in Detail

Touch Screen :

The touchscreen is the most simple, initiative, and easiest to learn of all input devices. A touch screen enables the user’s to choose from available options by simply touching with their finger the desired icon or menu item displayed on the computer’s screen. Touch screens are the most preferred human-computer interface devices used in information Kiosk. An information Kiosk is an unattended system, which is used to store information of public interest and allows common people to access the stored information as per their requirement.

Working of Touch Screen :

A basic touchscreen has 3 main components:

  1. Touch Sensor.
  2. Controller.
  3. Software Driver.

The touch sensor/panel is a clear glass panel with a touch responsive surface. It is placed on a display screen so that the responsive area of the panel covers the viewable area of the video screen. The two most famous touch screen techniques are infrared beams and ultrasonic acoustic waves. The infrared beams interlace the surface of the screen and when a light beam is broken, that particular location is recorded. On the contrary, the ultrasonic acoustic waves pass over the surface of the screen and when the wave signals are interrupted by some contact with the screen, the location is recorded.

The panel generally has an electrical current going through it and touching the screen causes a voltage change which is used to determine the location of the touch to the screen. The controller connects the touch sensor and the computer. It takes information from the touch sensor and translates it into information that a computer can understand.

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