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Explaining the various kinds of data in Excel Worksheet

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Various kinds of data in Excel Worksheet

Hi Guys,
In this article i am going to share you some more interesting things like today is our topic is Various kinds of data in Excel Worksheet. So without waisting  you time let’s get started with our topic.

Data Entry :

We can enter various kinds of data in a cell.

  1. Numbers : The numbers can be from the entire range of numeric values: whole numbers (example, 25), decimals (example, 25.67) and scientific notation (example, 0.2567E+2). Excel displays scientific notation automatically, if we enter a number that is too long to be viewed in its entirety in a cell. We may also see number signs (######), when a cell entry is too long. Widening the column that contains the cell with the above signs will allow us to read the number.
  2. Text: First, select the cell in which data has to be entered and type the text. Press ENTER key to finish our text entry. The text will be displayed in the active cell, as well as in the Formula bar. If we have numbers to be treated as text use an apostrophe (‘) as the first character. We cannot do calculations with these kind of data entry.
  3. Date and Time: When we enter dates and times, Excel converts these entries into serial numbers and kept as background information. However, the dates and times will be displayed to we on the worksheet in a format opted by us.
  4. Data in Series: We can fill a range of cells either with the same value or with a series of values with the help of AutoFill.
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