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FREE Monitor your Website Up – Down time with Google

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FREE Monitoring of your Website

Might you want to get moment cautions when your site goes down or is out of reach to clients? Might you want to get these downtime alarms as an email message or content on your cell phone or both?

Most website monitoring services follow the “freemium” demonstrate – they have free gets ready for fundamental downtime and uptime checking of a site, however, need to pay for boundless email or SMS cautions. You may likewise need to move up to screen different sites. There’s a decent interchange, however.



You can make your own particular site screen that keeps running on Google servers and sends email cautions or SMS when your site goes down or is up once more. It logs everything in a Google Spreadsheet or you can even store the downtime movement inside Google Analytics.

The most effective method to SETUP WEBSITE MONITOR

Here’s the manner by which you rapidly arrange Google Docs to screen the uptime/downtime of your site. This must be done just once and the spreadsheet will constantly screen your locales out of sight. How about we begin:

  1. Click here to copy the website monitoring Google sheet into your Google Drive. You may either use your Gmail or Google Apps account to sign-in.
  1. Go to the Website Monitor menu (close Help) and pick Configure. You may need to approve the sheet the first occasion when you arrange the screen.
  1. Specify your site URL and the email address where you wish to be advised. You can put multiple email addresses separated by commas.
  1. [Optional] Enter the Google Analytics Id (e.g., UA-123456-78) and the site screen will log downtime/uptime occasions in your Analytics account.
  1. You can turn on “Get instant messages” to get download alarms by SMS* on the cell phone associated with your Google account.

Tap the Start button and the Google sheet will begin observing your site in the background. You can close the sheet.

The uptime and downtime times are signed in the Google Spreadsheet so you can use that information to examine the execution of your web hosting company.


Inside, a Google Script connected to the Google Sheet is doing the checking and logging occasions in Google Sheets and Google Analytics.

The script triggers at regular intervals and after that tries to get your site using URLFetchApp, a Google benefit like WGET or twist. In the event that the HTTP reaction code is something besides 200, it shows that there’s an issue with your site and an email caution is sent.


Google Apps Script can send email messages through Gmail, however, utilizes a workaround for sending SMS instant messages. It makes an occasion in your default Google Calendar with an SMS update – the occasion is set to lapse in 30 seconds and in this way you get a moment text-based notifications on your portable.

*The SMS choice is however just accessible to Google Apps for Work accounts. In the event that you aren’t getting text-based notifications on your telephone, please guarantee that your telephone number is related with Google Calendar as point by point in this instructional exercise.