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How to install Wamp Server in windows 7

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How to install Wamp Server on windows 7



step1 : Download Wamp

Before doing anything you need to download WAMP from the link

You will have the option to choose wither a 32 or 64-bit environment depending upon your computer’s configuration. In addition to Apache, PHP and MySQL this download includes phpMyAdmin .



Once you have downloaded the WAMP then double click on the setup and you will need to go ahead and launch it to start the installation process.


When you will click the  next button then you will be asked to accept the license agreement. Since it is a GPL license you are free to do just about anything with it so you can go ahead and accept.

Then  select the folder where you would like to install your WAMP server. The default will be c:\wamp however you can change this to install the server into any directory or partition you choose.

After you choose your directory you will have the option to setup icons. Once you decide on this click the Next button and then confirm the installation settings by clicking Install.

Once the installation runs its course you will be asked to choose your default browser.

Internet Explorer is the default choice but you can navigate your way to any other browser of your choosing.

if your Windows firewall pops up at this point make sure to grant Apache access.


The next decision you will have to make is to set up the PHP mail parameters. Many people leave this set to the defaults when setting up a testing server on their local computer. If you wish to configure it to connect to your SMTP server you may do so here but unless you plan on testing email capabilities the default entries can be left and all you need to do is click Next.


Setting the SMTP server (optional)

Congratulations, WAMP Server is now installed on your local computer.



Now that everything has been installed let’s test everything out.

Just Navigate the below steps :

Start –> All Programs –> WampServer –> start WampServer, you can launch the management console. Once opened, it will appear in the lower right hand side corner of your screen.

The WAMP management console

If WAMP is not started go ahead and click Start All Services. If you are not sure whether or not WAMP is running, look for the small green W icon in your toolbar. If it is red, WAMP services are stopped, green means everything is running while orange means some services are running.

Now we want to test to see if everything was installed correctly. In the WAMP management console, click on Localhost. If you see the following screen pop up in your browser then everything is working!



Click on the phpmyadmin link or type localhost/phpmyadmin on URL then you will get the interface of phpmyadmin like below :



Insert root in the username and enter the password that you filled at the time of installation then click on the go button you will be redirected to the phpmyadmin dashboard.

Now create your database and start writing code.



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