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Installation of PHP

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 Installation of PHP & Mysql


What Do You Need To Run PHP ?

To start using PHP, you need  a local server installed on your PC. Some of the Local server are mentioned below:

  • Lamp (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) –
  • LAMP Server  works on Linux Operating System only.
  • WAMP ( Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP) –
  • WAMP Server works on Windows Operating System only.
  • Mamp ( MAC, Apache, MySQL and PHP) –
  • MAMP Server works on MAC Operating System only.
  • Xamp (x-os, Apache, Mysql, PHP ,Perl) –
  • X-OS means it can be used for any operating system.

After installing the local server, Place the PHP ext. files in www folder. Type  http://localhost or 1270.0.1 on your browser. Your file will be executed.