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What is a word processing package and it’s features ?

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What is a word processing package and it’s features?

Word Processing Package:

A word processing package is a software which is used to process text. It allows the user to enter, view, edit, manipulate, transmit, store; retrieve and print text material. Changes and modifications in the text can also be made at any time very easily.

A word processing package runs on a personal or any other computer. Dedicated machines which perform only the task of word processing are called “Word processor”.

They are smaller and less expensive as compared to PCs.

As an operator enters characters from the keyboard, they are displayed on the screen. When the operator reaches the end of a line, the word processing program automatically moves the text to the next line. This feature of the word processing program is known as “word wrap”.

The main features of the word processing package are:

1. Page Breaks: This command begins the next page of the text.

2. Formatting or Page Design: All information such as spacing between lines or number of lines per page, etc. can be specified at the time of entering a text. But these can be changed as desired before taking prints.

3. Editing of Text:  A Powerful set of editing commands are available in a word processing program, to edit the text after it has been typed in.

4. Scrolling: When a text becomes long the user can move the text up or down this is called scrolling.

5. Search and Replace: This commands searches through the entire document to locate each occurrence of a particular character string and replace it with another.

6. Spelling Checker: A word processor program includes a spelling checker component. It checks every word of the document.

7. Syntax Checkers: A word processing package may also include a syntax checker. It checks for improper syntax.

8. Mail Merge: Many word processing packages include mail merge facility.

Advantages of Word Processing:

Word processing offers several advantages over typewriting. Using the word processing technique, the user can –

1. edit the text as and when required

2. move or copy any part of the text from one location/ file to another location/ file

3. insert or delete the spaces/ text

4. wrap words to the next line (Word Wrapping) and justify text to the right margin (Justification)

5. select different types of fonts and size of characters

6. adjust the margins and page lengths for the desired output

7. find the required word/ group of words and replace with another word/ group of words

check the spelling of any word of the document

10. store (save) the document on disk and print single or multiple copies

11. print letters with same text and different names and addresses (mail-merging)

Besides the above main features; there are many more benefits of word processing depending upon the word processor used.

Examples of Common Word Processors:

There is a wide range of word processors available for both DOS and Windows environment. Word Star,  Akshar, MS Word, Word Perfect, and Amir, o are some of the common examples of word processors.

Word Star the most common and popular DOS-based word processor is developed by the MicroPro International Corporation, Inc. U.S.A.. There are different versions of Word Star like 1.x, 2.x, 3.x, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 and 7.0 but the releases 4.0 (also known as Word Star Professional) and 7.0 (the latest one) are the most popular among users. Softword and Akshar are also DOS-based English and Hindi word processors respectively developed by an Indian Company, Softech.

Among the windows-based word processors, MS Word, Word Perfect and AmiPro are the leaders in the markets (DOS based versions of these packages are also available). MS Word, developed by Microsoft Inc. is a part of MS Office professional package. Word 6 for Windows 3.1 and Word 7 for Windows 95 are the most popular versions of Word. Word Perfect (latest version 6.0), developed by Word Perfect Corporation, which provides almost same features as MS Word is also very popular among users. Ami Pro (latest version 3.0)/ Word Pro, developed by Lotus Corporation, is another full-fledged, multi-featured word processor for windows. The important word processors are listed in Table.

Word Processor Description

Word Star

Simplest DOS-based word processor


Similar to Word Star developed by an Indian company


Popular Hindi/English word processor developed by an Indian company


Popular Windows-based word processor

Word Perfect

Most widely used Windows-based word processor


Full-fledged, multi-featured Windows-based word processor with DTP features